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Revenue Cycle Management Software Solutions that COLLECTS for You.

Choose BMS Billing Services to increase practice productivity, minimize expenses and benefit from the greatest return on investment.

Practice Management
Web-based practice management software helps you save time and enjoy a greater convenience by simplifying all the essential daily tasks of your medical office. You will be able to store patient records, verify insurance eligibility, schedule appointments, send appointment reminders, print Superbills & encounter forms, track tasks, scan documents, print reports, and more.

Electronic Medical Records
A full-featured EMR has a simple, intuitive interface that makes writing notes, finding information, and navigating through your day a breeze.

Clearinghouse Services
Medical clearinghouse services helps you enjoy greater convenience by tightly integrating the electronic claims and remittance process with our medical billing software. You can submit electronic claims to thousands of insurers, receive electronic remittance advice reports, verify insurance eligibility, and more.

Analytics & Data
Analytics and data management features from help you enjoy greater convenience while maintaining control of your data by combining web-based access with powerful tools to manage your data. You can generate powerful reports, scan and fax documents, use our integration API to access data programmatically, and more.

Web-based Medical Billing
Balancing the delivery of world-class patient care with the efficient management of a medical practice is time consuming and expensive. BMS’ web-based medical billing software saves you time and money by alleviating the burdens associated with the business side of your practice.

Utilizing BMS web-based billing software will eliminate and reduce the following:

  • Large upfront costs associated with other software providers.
  • Fees for software leases, upgrades ans users associated with other software solutions.
  • Wage and benefit inflation.
  • Unnecessary personal expenses.
  • The costs of postage, printing forms, claim submission and patient statements.
  • Reduce staff turnover

Access your web-based medical billing system from anywhere – 24/7, 365 days a year.

In addition to reducing costs and wasted time, Kareo’s Web-based medical billing software offers you the simplicity, reliability and accuracy that you expect your practice demands. With 24/7 access to your medical billing records, it’s no wonder that a growing number of physician practices are adopting BMS Billing Services solutions for their practice’s needs.

Collect More and faster, Spend less, Minimize your Liability.

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Give us 20 minutes and we’ll show you higher returns and lower overhead.

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